Top 10 Things We Love About Parking

10. New Exciting Distant Parts of Campus: seeing the sights on the walk to and from your car.

9. Increased Blood Pressure: getting that heart rate up.

8. Getting All Your Steps In: you can reach your step goals for the day…or week.

7. Driving Through Snowbanks: want a little adventure? We recommend the game Will-Your-Car-Make-it-Over-the-Snow-Bank-This-Time-or-Get-Stuck?

6. Super Fun Game of Musical Cars: who doesn’t love a good game of musical cars to spice up your parking struggles?

5. Great Exercise: you’ve been trying to get back in shape forever, UNE wants to help! Just bring a car to campus and you’ll never struggle to exercise again. Plus, it’ll only cost you $350–what a steal! 

4.  3:00am phone calls about your car being towed; they really know the best times to reach you.

3. The Forum Lot.

2. Russian roulette with parking tickets.

1. Elaborate snow day removal plans.