Demeter Takes a Break

i am an old woman,

living in the woods.


i am a teacher to the birds. 

i tell them about president rushmore 

and the six colonies. 


i teach them about the eiffel tower

falling down 

and the fire on the london bridge. 


i teach them about how 

people can walk on ceilings and walls, 

how eyes shift colors 

depending on the mood.


i teach them how the continents

are moving back together, 

about how physics were 


and now i can make 

everything bounce as high as i want. 


i teach them that space is touchable 

if they just reach out. 

i teach them that the earth is flat 

and you can fall right off the edge. 


i teach them that the moon

is made of cheese 

and the sun extinguishes at night. 


i teach them that stars 

are made of dust 

and that you can breathe in space. 


i teach them that i can fly 

when they close their eyes, 

i teach them that everything is impossible 

until you dream about it. 


i teach them that genies who grant wishes 

live in deserts and 

old hags in the woods are nothing but

goddesses taking a break from the heave