Don’t Worry Darling Review

Welcome or welcome back to this week’s pop culture media review! To wrap up the Halloween vibes for October, this week our focus is on the new psychological thriller, Don’t Worry Darling, starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles.

Don’t Worry Darling breaks down the perfect patriarchal world, every man’s ideal dream, where the men go off to work while the women stay home, clean, and make dinner that’s waiting for the men once they return. It is clear to the viewer that there is something wrong or strange happening in this perfect mid-century bubble. Florence Pugh, playing as the main character Alice, seems to be the only person in the community that notices this. It slowly eats away at her and Alice becomes the main focus of the movie. Alice can be frustrating at times because her character makes rash decisions which raise more questions instead of answering past ones. However, Pugh’s acting is almost bone chilling throughout the whole movie.

Harry Styles, who plays as the other main character Jack, is an oddity. As a viewer, it is extremely clear that something is off with him yet there’s the charming sense behind his character that makes you forget about that feeling. With this being Styles debut film, besides Dunkirk, he sold his role well. One of his best scenes in the movie is when Jack is sitting in his old fashioned car and screaming at the top of his lungs. His emotions bleed through the screen and you can’t help but wince as his yells cut through the air.

Now let’s discuss the screenplay… Olivia Wilde showcased some real potential with this film, but it did fall short. There are several easter eggs throughout the duration of the movie, however, easter eggs are supposed to add up and sometimes they just leave you questioning. If we start nit picking, then let’s get to it, the camera pans and screen cuts that happen right when there’s excitement and tension is so beyond irritating. There are random cuts to masked, cloaked people that appear out of nowhere and the worst part is, they are never 100% explained! Yes, they are small, but they do add up. If we fast forward to the ending of this movie, or lack thereof, that’s where you will see an intense change in people’s reviews. It’s left fairly open – ended which some people hate and other people love. When it comes to that aspect, then I’ll leave that up for you guys to decide.

Overall, the film is psychologically weird, but it creates such an interesting ideology. At least give the movie a chance, but I did warn you about the ending… Tune in next week for a movie review with a definite ending that will be rated!