Dead To Me

Are you looking for a new TV show to binge during this rainy weather week? Look no further! Sometimes scrolling through Netflix is mundane and takes too much time. So, I have a TV show that at least deserves a chance!

Dead To Me

Dead To Me is a Netflix original series that was first released in 2019 and now is up to three seasons in total. The third season, which was released earlier this year, is the series finale. You won’t have to worry about being left on a cliffhanger with this TV show. This show is built on a foundation of friendship, but a friendship made up of deceit and delusions. Can a relationship built on lies last?

Each episode is thirty minutes, making the slow-paced plot seem a bit faster, and they are jam-packed with mystery and a little bit of dark humor. Jen, one of the main characters, is a secretive, combative character dealing with the loss of her husband. At a self-help group for grieving widows, she meets Judy. Judy is the complete opposite of Jen. She is free-spirited and bright-eyed, always looking for the bright side of things. After some reluctance from Jen, a friendship starts to blossom.

Here’s the problem with this review column this week, I cannot give you too much information, or else the whole show will be spoiled. There are twists on top of even more plot twists in each episode. As soon as you think you understand the premise of this tv series, you will quickly find out that your assumption was wrong. There will not be a minute that passes that you will be completely confident in the direction each episode will go. If you want to be the ultimate detective, then take some notes, see if you can discover the plot twists before they hit the screen. Heads up, your guesses will most likely be wrong.

That’s what makes this show so entertaining. It keeps you on your toes. Season two starts to slow down a little compared to the previous, but it’s only a short time of a plateau. Keep your eyes peeled, and your attention focused when binging this show. You never know what clues you will miss! Tune in next week for more pop culture reviews and ratings!