John Wick: Chapter 4

Keanu Reeve’s takes the screen once again in this week’s review on the fourth chapter of the John Wick film series.


Have you been keeping tabs on the John Wick franchise? It started off with the first movie: John Wick. This movie took the world by storm after Keanu Reeve’s character destroyed a mafia for killing his dog… I know how that sounds, but if you haven’t seen the first movie, then I highly recommend it!

After the first movie raked in the money at the box office and the fans started raving about a second film, Keanu Reeves decided that John Wick would be a character for the people. Soon John Wick: Chapter 2 and John Wick: Chapter 3 were released. Does the new release meet the standards of the others? Or is it time to call it quits for the new movie franchise?

John Wick: Chapter Four was supposed to hit the theaters two years ago, however, Covid caused a delay in the release. Many people, including myself, will tell you it is worth the wait! The action packed film truly doesn’t disappoint. The writers up the stakes of the fight scenes and create scenarios that are not only new for the movie industry, for John Wick’s character as well. The intensity and choreography of the fight scenes is well thought through and is extremely intricate.

Not only are the fight scenes impeccable, but the cast sells the movie. In all the movies thus far, John Wick definitely has the fewest scenes in Chapter Four. That doesn’t mean that Keanu Reeves can’t sell the integrity of the actor though. Reeves takes the character to a whole new level. It is one of the first times where you see the mental and emotional toll in Wick even though he tends to be an emotionless character.

Reeves isn’t the only actor that plays an excellent role. The movie also features Donnie Yen, who you might know from Mulan and Rogue One, as well as Bill Skarsgard, famously known for his role as Pennywise in It.

So, what do I rate this movie? You may be asking yourself what is the point of a 4.5-star rating? Here’s the thing… The first John Wick movie was incredible and set the precedent for all the other films to follow it. John Wick received a five-star rating because of the mystery, integrity, and grit of the main character. Of course, the action scenes also elevate the rating as well. However, I must say John Wick: Chapter Four is the second-best movie in the series. Does it evoke the same emotions as the first? No… but it’s still a movie that deserves serious recognition. Will John Wick: Chapter Four be the end of the franchise? Reeves said he would continue the series until the fans became bored, after this film the fans are still asking for more. What’s next for John Wick’s journey?

Tune in next week to see what will be reviewed for this Pop Culture column!