Sexy Beasts

Are you looking for a reality tv show that’s all about love? One great way to wrap up the February love month is by watching Sexy Beasts on Netflix. Believe me when I say this isn’t your usual reality dating tv show.

Sexy Beasts

When you hear reality dating shows, you may immediately think of The Bachelor, Love is Blind, or Are You the One. Well, this show is like no other. Several people come together looking for love, but the twist… they’re dressed up head to toe as animals or objects.

There’s a panda, the tin man, dinosaur, fairies, baboons, and many more. The individuals called for the show are going on blind dates in their costumes. It is an attempt to remove first appearance bias and truly get to know the people.

The episodes are short and addictive, but might give you some nightmares based on the costumes. Can the episodes get a little boring? Yes, the format stays the same each episode with the only difference being the focus person being a woman or a man.

The masks and makeup alone deserve an award but the cringe worthy comments that spill out of people’s mouths are a little alarming. The unmasking is mind blowing and is the main reason why you stick around to finish the episode.

Here’s the thing. It’s crazy, quirky, and completely out of this world. However, it is fun and lighthearted. Don’t take the show seriously by any means, like I said this isn’t The Bachelor, the odds of these people really staying together are slim to none.

The entertainment from this show is unmatched and there are plenty of awkward silent moments. It’s a great and easy show to watch, making you laugh and maybe believe in love just a little bit.  It is a great way to wrap up the love month by being able to share some laughs and live through secondhand embarrassment at the same time.

Stay tuned for next week where we finally break away from the romance recommendations!

Images provided by newsweek and BBC