Love is Blind: Season Four

Welcome back to this week’s column entry! Did you watch the new episodes of Love Is Blind over the weekend? If not, stop reading, spoilers are included. First, go watch the episodes then come back and enjoy the article. The drama is here this season and lots of tears… Let’s dive into the first four episodes together, couple by couple.

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First up: Brett & Tiffany

The first couple on the agenda immediately got engaged, but Tiffany fell asleep in the pods while Brett was pouring his heart out to her! Did that stop their engagement? No, they talked through the issue like adults and soon met each other face to face. Brett has a kind heart with a serious work drive. Tiffany on the other hand, has a strong work ethic as well, but her maturity levels seem a little off compared to Brett. Their banter is strong, however, their connection could be stronger. They are the oldest of the couples and besides the sleeping hiccup, their problems are pretty non existent. Will they hit a bump in the road as the show continues?

Second Couple: Micah & Paul

Micah, and her partner in crime Irina, really know how to stir up the pot when it comes to issues and fights this season. They have been labeled the mean girls, but they add some humor to the season that is needed. Micah and Paul were instantly each other’s top couples in the pods, however, they both had one other person that was on their radar. Their pod experience was crazy and a whirlwind. Viewers were worried that Paul being a little quirky and Micah being more headstrong, that their relationship wouldn’t last. So far, they have proved their audience wrong after their reveal to each other. The fear we all have is will Micah ignore Kwame and focus solely on Paul for the rest of the experience?

Third Couple: Kwame & Chelsea

Kwame and Chelsea also were high on each other’s radars when it cameto finding their match, but Kwame was in love with Micah. He was ready to propose to her right before Micah broke it off with him. The tears were extreme after that one! Does that make Chelsea second choice for Kwame? That’s the question we are all wondering. After the couples all join in Mexico for their engagement celebration, that question may have been answered. Micah and Kwame both ignored their partners in order to have a long, long conversation about how they deeply care for each other. It ended with Chelsea getting up and walking away in the middle of the party. Can you say awkward? What’s next for their love journey?


Fourth Couple: Marshall & Jackie

Oh the beloved Marshal and Jackie. Marshall has the women swooning this season with his caring and compassionate attitude. Where do they make men like Marshall?? I’m still trying to figure that one out. Anyway, Jackie and Marshall hit a rough patch in Mexico, a lot of tears and conflict arose, but Marshall helped her through the panic attack instead of running away. Jackie’s spirit towards life is fun and outgoing. It was a toss up for Jackie between Marshall and one other man, but Marshall was her final decision. How will the two continue to blend? They have my vote for this season!

Fifth and Final Couple: Zack and Irina

Oh Irina! Like mentioned before Irina did make it to Mexico, but her match doesn’t seem all that perfect. After several dates and fighting over Zack, Irina finally won and he proposed. But… the reveal was anything but perfect. Zack forgot to blink, Irina called him a cartoon character, and the overall vibes of the two simply do not mesh at all. Every time they are on camera together, I physically cringe. Their connection didn’t last long for this season of Love Is Blind and Zack couldn’t handle the lack of connection. Their Mexico getaway ended with a split as Zack put his foot down saying Irina made him miserable. Will the other four couples survive?

So, that’s a wrap on the first few episodes of the new season of Love Is Blind. Who are you rooting for this season? Keep watching to find out who makes it through the finale. New episodes release this Friday. Tune in next week as we will be moving away from Love Is Blind and review the new John Wick movie out in theaters now.