Love Hard Review

Starting off the Christmas festivities, let’s look into Netflix “tis the season” movies for this holiday season. Netflix introduced a new Christmas movie last year featuring Nina Dobrev. A classic Hallmark-esque movie that blew up and hit the top 10! Did it deserve the ranking?

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Natalie (Nina Dobrev) is a woman who made a career of her terrible dates with a writing blog. They are totally cringeworthy columns about her love life. Suddenly one of her friends tells her to try out a dating app that was national. Think “nationwide Tinder” where you can set your own town that you want to search in. Natalie swipes right on a man and instantly swoons over him. With the push of her boss, Natalie is convinced to travel straight to her new beau’s hometown in order to get inspiration for another column piece. But when she arrives, Natalie quickly discovers that the man she’s been talking to is not the man in the photos…

Natalie now being stuck on the other side of the country decides to stay and make a deal with Josh (Jimmy O. Yang). She will stay for the holidays and pretend to be his girlfriend if he helps her meet the real man in the photos, Tag (Darren Barnet). News Flash: Josh and Tag actually know each other. Will this plan work? Watch the movie to find out!

Netflix is the new Hallmark when it comes to Christmas movies, so if you enjoy Hallmark movies then this one’s for you. However, lets dive a little deeper into the review.

Don’t get me wrong, this movie has some great holiday cheer and heartwarming moments. They tend to be overshadowed by the basic plot and cringeworthy moments. It’s not just Natalie’s column posts that make you get “the ick” but the character development and plot of the movie will too. This film takes all the cliche holiday tropes and winds it into one. It seemed that Netflix searched the Internet for all new trending ideas about the holiday and vomited it all into the plot.

If you’re looking for an easy romance, basic plot, and a few giggles then hit play on this Netflix original. If that’s not your scene then skip over this film option in the holiday collection on the popular streaming app.