Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy

What better way to start off the new year than by promoting a comedy special! This week, let’s dive into Nick Kroll’s Little Big Boy to ring in some laughs for the new year.

Nick Kroll, most famously known for his shows Big Mouth and The Kroll Show , released his first ever,  stand-up  comedy special at the end of last year. This comedy special quickly took over the world. Bits and pieces would pop up on TikTok, Big Mouth started to climb to the top ten shows on Netflix, and soon everyone was talking about fettuccine alfredo.

Two days after the comedy special aired, I sat down to finally see if it was worth all the hype it was receiving on social media. Kroll had me wheezing because I was laughing so hard! It felt like I could not catch my breath before another joke was delivered. I am an avid watcher of stand-up  comedies, but this one took the cake. It is one of the only comedy specials I can watch over and over again without getting bored of the jokes. Kroll’s jokes have gotten stuck in my head , and my friends and I still recite most of them to each other three months later.

People say that Kroll’s ability to take real-life  experiences and turn them into a laughing matter is what make  his comedy so memorable. His life experiences are honest , and most people can relate to a first breakup or self-consciousness . However, it is the way that Kroll is able to turn all of these rather depressing topics into a joke that keeps his audience coming back to rewatch it. He manages to keep his audience alive with quirky voices and movements. Reviewers are saying that this might be the best Kroll comedy moment yet.

If you haven’t watched the Kroll comedy special on Netflix… What are you doing?? Finish your homework assignments, settle in, and turn on that tv. Let’s be honest the beginning of a semester can be just as stressful as the end , so enjoy a laugh before classes become too consuming!

Take your time enjoying the humor before next week when we start reviewing romance movies for Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!