Top 5 Romance Novels

For this week’s article, we are going to dive into the reader world! With February still underway, the season of love continues to be in the air. If the movie selection wasn’t for you last week, then maybe these rom com book recommendations will be. Keep reading to find out!


Archer’s Voice

By: Mia Sheridan

If you are looking for a romance novel that will surely have you in tears by the end, then Archer’s Voice is the book for you! Bree Prescott leaves her old life to find herself in a small town in Maine. Yes, you heard that right. She comes to Maine in order to escape her chaotic life, but the deemed “outsider” of the town catches her eye. Archer is the isolated, silent man of the town. The plot of this story is truly heartbreaking but the writing is beautiful. You will be immediately pulled in from the first ten pages. Will Bree’s past hold her back from love? Will Archer be able to trust someone again? Read this book to find out.



By: Lauren Asher

Okay so maybe an intense romance book isn’t for you. Perhaps you’re looking for a book that dives into the racing world… That’s right, I’m talking about F1 racing. The plot line of this story can become a drag. However, the writing technique around the tension of the race makes your adrenaline run just from reading the words. You may find yourself cheering for fictional characters and biting your nails from anxiety. Maya Alatorre decides to follow her star racing brother around the world in order to build her blog. She takes videos, interviews, and provides publicity for her brother’s team. The only problem is that Noah Slade is her brother’s teammate. Noah Slade is the #1 legend for F1 racing with a snarky attitude and a ruthless mindset. They can’t deny the tug they feel towards each other, but will outside forces stand in the way? Or will those forces be inner turmoil that prevents them from trying out love?


Delilah Green Doesn’t Care

By: Ashley Herring Blake

Okay so maybe you’re looking for a great read focused around the LGBTQ+ community. If yes, then check out Delilah Green Doesn’t Care. Delilah Green promised herself that she would never return to her hometown after escaping to the city after high school. However, when she gets a text from her stepsister about being her wedding photographer, Delilah can’t turn her down. She’s strapped for cash and she knows that her stepmom will pay her an ample amount of money for this one simple task. What Delilah doesn’t expect is her stepsister’s old high school best friend being irresistible. Claire is trying to figure out how to balance being a business owner, a single mother, and still be a part of her best friend’s wedding. When the two crash into each other, will their ending be happy? This was one of the highest rated books of the year! The writing is impeccable and extremely realistic. Blake catches your emotions and ties them all in a knot as you watch this story unfold!

Maybe In Another Life

By: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Maybe you’re looking for something that’s a little more philosophical and sci-fi. If yes, then this book is for you. Have you ever found yourself asking “what if”? Or have you wondered what would have happened if you decided to pick the opposite decision of your final choice? You wouldn’t be alone because so does Hannah Martin. She decides to move back in with her best friend while she gets her feet back on the ground. They decide to go out for drinks where she bumps into her ex. Does she go home with him? Yes, but what does her life have in store for her? Does she decide not to go home with him? Yes, but will her life story change? This novel is a big brain teaser. You follow Hannah’s life for both of those decisions with an altering perspective for each chapter. How will her life pan out with each of her choices?


Reminders of Him

By: Colleen Hoover

What would this romance article be without including a book written by Colleen Hoover. This Hoover book tugs on the heartstrings for sure and if there isn’t a single tear shed at the end, you may not be human. Kenna Rowan gets released from prison after her five year sentence. She is on the hunt to be reunited with her four year old daughter, but everyone is determined to keep that from happening. Her only hope is Ledger, the owner of a local bar, and the only remaining links to Kenna’s past and future. Will the two form a connection or will the misinformation from the outside tear them apart? Will Kenna be reunited with her daughter and get her happy ending? Find out by reading this Colleen