Storming The Gates

On September 4th, 2021, the Nor’easters were finally able to have a full stadium to watch the football team host the Coast Guard.



Nor’easter Football players head onto the field.

After almost a year and a half, we are finally back in the stands with 1,340 people in attendance. It was only the fifth most packed game, but the energy made it feel like we had record numbers in the stands. The game that continues to hold the record for most attendance, was the first game ever played in the Blue Storm Stadium, In September 2018 against Husson, with 2,042 fans. 


The boys were excited, and so were the fans. There were parents, students, faculty and staff, and even some grandparents that came to see the team play. 


There was an overall energy in the Blue Storm Stadium, one that everyone fed off of. It was exciting, it was cheerful, and it was hyped. The team could feel it, they could hear the fans cheering.


“It’s phenomenal, the energy here, despite the fact that we came up a little short on the scoreboard, the energy these fans still have is absolutely phenomenal,” President Herbert said while standing on the sidelines cheering on the team. 


Though the boys did come up short, 0-16, they gave the game their all and left everything out on the field. There is an entire season ahead of them, and if we know our Nor’easters we know they will work hard. 


Be sure to check out the next home game on October 2nd, against Nichols College, to see what all this amazing energy is like.