Student Spotlight: Women’s History Month

This past Tuesday, March 1st, marked the beginning of Women’s History Month! We sat down with sophomore Kate Ganley to talk about what Women’s History Month means to her and how she feels about how women’s history is taught at the university

Sophomore, Kate Ganley

Sophomore, Kate Ganley

Q: Who are you and what is your major?


A: I am Kate Ganley and I am a sophomore environmental science major. 


Q: What does Women’s History month mean to you? 


A: I think it really celebrates how far women have come from not being able to vote, having it legal to treat women badly to now where the playing field is almost finally equal. 


Q: Do you feel that the university does a good job at teaching women’s history?


A: I think that the university has some talented faculty that offer a lot of different perspectives and classes that highlight accomplishments of women, especially in science. The campus also feels very safe. 


Q: If you could change one thing about how the university goes about teaching women’s history, what would it be? 


A: I think that in some of the history courses, the readings are skewed towards male authors.


UPDATE with Editor’s Note:

The original content of this post contained a statement that should have not been published without proper research and follow-up with all parties involved. We as Co-editors-in-Chief, Mya Hankes and Matthew DeMers, are now working on reviewing our publishing and editing policies to ensure the accuracy and quality of reporting conducted at the Bolt in the future.