Student Spotlight: Spring Break Recap!

Welcome back Nor’easters! We here at The Bolt hope you had a nice and restful spring break. This past week, we caught up with four members of the student body to see what they did during the week off.

What did you do over spring break?

“I went to Morocco with UNE. There were about 40 students that were supposed to study abroad this spring semester but it was canceled since Morocco closed borders due to Covid. Since we couldn’t go, once Morocco opened back up its borders, UNE arranged this trip and we stayed on the Tangier campus. 

Chloe Graham, Sophomore
Chloe Graham, Sophomore (Cole Hauser )

The most interesting part was when we went to the Old Medina in Chefchaouen, also known as the blue city. It was really cool because it was our first experience shopping at the markets and exploring a city on our own. 

The language barrier was tough, having to bargain with the shopkeepers and trying to understand what they were asking. Some of us got lost and locals had to help us, but they were all very kind. The food was amazing. I had a really good meatball tajin, lots of bread, salad, and a delicious yogurt dessert.”

-Chloe Graham, Sophomore

What did you do over spring break?

“Absolutely nothing fun. I just had a ton of appointments. One thing I did, I saw Wicked and it was really good” 

-Harrison Stern, Sophomore

Harrison Stern, Sophomore
Harrison Stern, Sophomore (Cole Hauser )

What did you do over spring break?

“Over spring break I went to Colorado with the UNE Habitat for Humanity club. We worked at

Gwen Wallingford, Sophomore
Gwen Wallingford, Sophomore (Cole Hauser )

a construction site building a home for a family that lost theirs in a fire. It was a lot of fun and a great experience. We got really far in the building of the house which was really cool to see.  We also got to explore Colorado, see the mountains, and go on some hikes.” 

-Gwen Wallingford, Sophomore






What did you do for spring break?

“Spring break, I did what all of us wanted to do. Saw our pets. Great experience 20/10. 

I hung out, played a lot of video games. I also did some homework, unfortunately.

Alyssa Wallingford, Sophomore
Alyssa Wallingford, Sophomore (Cole Hauser)

We are renovating our backyard so I thought of ways to make our yard more dog-friendly. But, I mostly just hung out with all 8 of our pets and helped my parents clean the house.”

-Alyssa Wallingford, Sophomore