March USG Round Up

This Spring USG has been keeping busy with aiding the creation of exciting events, working towards capital projects, and keeping steady progress on making the university a better place to be through listening to student feedback. For Earth Month there will be a series of ways to celebrate and aid the planet, and a number of clubs are in the process of finalizing their budgets for next semester.


Earth Month 

At an institution that prides itself on environmental pursuits, it makes sense that for many students the planet and its protection is a key driver in their interests. This was shown in the high turnout for the Teach-In on Climate Justice with guest speaker Reverend Lennox Yearwood, a strong voice in the battle for groups disproportionately affected by climate change. Earth’s Eco and the Sustainability Office are unveiling a Beach Clean-Up Kiosk at Freddy Beach on April 29th as a part of the Pitch It Project. This is being done so that students may have a larger hand in keeping our beachfront healthy and beautiful. This kiosk will have information on how to get started. There will also be other upcoming events such as Earth Month Trivia with more information coming soon. 

Student Feedback 

Most students can agree that over the past few years UNE Dining Services has received a number of improvements that leave it in a better place, and thanks to Parkhurst’s willingness to accept feedback and meet with groups like the Dining Committee that trend should continue. Parkhurst leaders have met with USG and have stated again and again their desire to know what changes students would like to see, emphasizing that they can only change what issues students raise. This process is aided with a recommendation whiteboard, and now QR codes are being placed in the dining hall and pub that link to a page where feedback can be submitted, keep your eyes open for this.  

Future Events 

This week it was announced that the performer at this year’s spring concert will be Yung Gravy, known for his single Mr. Clean and the recently released EP Cake and Cognac. The concert will take place at the end of April with more information to follow. Seniors should be looking forward to Senior Week starting on May 16th. The events taking place will be announced soon by the Class of 2022 Committee. USG will also be hosting an event, on April 14th Boring Burgers will take place, where we burgers and beer are served, and student feedback will be shared. 

Capital Project 

For this semester’s capital project USG will be supplying funding to UNE’s facilities team to purchase the first round of electric lawncare equipment. The goal of this project it to experiment with use and implementation of a full Green Landscaping Initiative. Not only will this be a green solution, but it will also be much quieter. 

The Last Word 

USG is one of the strongest avenues for student voices to be heard, and in the upcoming school year there will be a large number of positions opening that need to be filled. If this is of interest, then reach out to USG leadership or find our board in the Campus Center hallway leading towards the gym where a petition can be picked up. With the year soon ending be mindful of your studies, friendships, and make sure to finish strong!