The Black Phone Review

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The Black Phone Review

The Black Phone is a horror/thriller movie that was released during the summer of 2022. Ethan Hawke, known for his roles in Dead Poets Society, The Purge, and Sinister, takes on a terrifying role in this movie. Taking place in the 1970s, The Black Phone follows the plot line of a local serial killer in town known as The Grabber. The colors portrayed throughout the film create an eerie mood for the viewer as the story begins to unfold. I was left shocked and pleased, yet terrified and disgusted as the movie came to an end. Ethan Hawke truly had a breakthrough moment with this character, especially when his character is rapidly switching his moods. With at least half of his face being covered for the majority of the movie, Hawke had to rely on different techniques in order to sell his character. And he did just that!

For example, the first few scenes after the initial kidnapping are bone chilling with Hawke’s execution. Not only do his moods change in the snap of a finger, but so do his masks. His masked demeanor changes from white face paint, to an ear to ear grin, a frowny face, and then finally there are separate pieces he wears as well. Not to mention, Hawke’s soothing voice is a stark contrast to his actions, adding in another drop of fear behind the overall situation.

However, after all the praise there are some critiques that need to be discussed. The beginning of the movie was extremely slow. I was at a loss for about the first thirty minutes of the movie, unsure of where the storyline was going to lead. On top of that, there were some scenes that seemed redundant to the overall plot and could be edited out. But, you are rooting for the main character, Finney, throughout the whole movie. If you aren’t jumping up out of your seat as you watch him try to escape, then you are doing something wrong! Even with all the critiques, it is the perfect film to watch in the month of October to ease your way into the Halloween season.

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