Dahmer Review

Check out the new edition of popular media reviews! This week: the Netflix original series, Dahmer.

Dahmer Review

From the producer of American Horror Story and the OJ Simpson trial, Ryan Murphy has blown his audience away once

again. Murphy is the type of producer to not only hire the best cast for the roles, but also pays special attention to the finite details. The apartment that Dahmer lives in during the duration of the TV series is practically identical to the photo examples of his real apartment. The complexity of Murphy’s work begs the question: would the TV series have been as big of a hit without Murphy as the producer? I think not

Evan Peters, who plays Dahmer, is known for his method acting and immersed himself completely in his role. In an interview with GQ, Peters said that if it wasn’t for the amazing cast he would have been worried for his mental health. After his starring in American Horror Story season 7, he had to take time off from acting because his role was so gruesome. Same goes for the Dahmer series. Peters was phenomenal in his performance and his Dahmer imitation. Coming from someone who listens to true crime podcasts and has studied serial killers and their motives, I can’t see anyone else pulling off the role of Dahmer like Evan Peters did.

This series can be sickening so please consider trigger warnings because Murphy does not hold back on the number of details used throughout the show. One of the most impeccable things about Murphy’s production was the focus on the victims. With serial killers, the victims can be lost in the background of the killer, but Murphy does just the opposite. You learn about Dahmer’s victims and their lives, creating a whole new realm of emotional turmoil. You will find yourself at times needing a break between episodes due to the tear-jerking details of each victim’s life, and unprepared death.

Murphy exposes Dahmer for his apathetic nature making the series take over as the #1 show on Netflix for a number of weeks. The views spiked and now, on the more disturbing side, there has also been a pique in interest over Dahmer in general. The real tapes of Dahmer that have been Netflix for quite some time have boomed in views, also jumping to #1 in recent days. Necessary to keep in mind is that this show must be taken seriously and realized it is not just for entertainment. That this was not fictional, this was real life. Remember as you watch!

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