Teddy Bear Toss- Virtual Edition

This years Teddy Bear toss will still happen but with some virtual adaptions



Teddy bears line the stands at the Harold Alfond Forum.


For the past four years, the Teddy Bear Toss has been one of the biggest events on campus. With packed bleachers, thousands of teddy bears, eager families, excited fans. Everyone sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting, watching for that first goal scored by UNE so they can unleash thousands of teddy bears over the glass wall onto the ice, scattering a colorful coating of fluffy bears. Watching these bears being thrown over your head and then over the wall is a thrill in itself, but this year we’ll have to make due watching from home.


The 2021 Teddy Bear Toss is like many of the events of the past year that will be adapted, leaving many questions up in the air. Who are we going to play against? Who is going to throw the teddy bears? Why are we buying a five-dollar ticket, to watch a game online in our rooms? Where do the teddy bears go after the game? Who is responsible for the event? 


Let’s find out. 


As a member of the Harold Alfond Forum Student Building Manager (HAFSBM) team, this year we have introduced the virtual Teddy Bear Toss 4.5. And with all of the uncertainties that this year has brought us, we are certain that there will be a game held, co-ed blue and white style. 


This event is completely virtual and is being streamed for free. But, if the game is free, why would I pay for a five-dollar ticket? Great question. If you were one of the lucky first 300 people to get a ticket to the game, you also got a free t-shirt. The money that is raised goes towards the game day event costs, like the free t-shirts, game-day handouts, and other materials needed. There is also a good chunk of money that would be leftover from the year before, and combining it with the current year’s fundraising, we purchase 500 brand new teddy bears from Kohls Cares program at the local Kohl’s location.  


Not to mention the prizes that will be awarded throughout the game. If you have purchased a ticket and picked a seat, that seat number will be thrown into a random generator to be pulled to win a prize. Prizes include gift baskets, gift cards, and items from the UNE bookstore. 


Where do the teddy bears go once I donate them? All of the teddy bears that get donated will get placed in the stands on a seat once it has been purchased. All stuffed animals will be donated to the United Way of York County, whose focus is to connect people and resources to improved lives and create better communities. Along with this, through the funds raised by the event, 500 new stuffed animals will be purchased through the Kohl’s Cares program and donated to agencies through the United Way of York County that require new stuffed animals. Agencies include Southern Maine Medical, Sweester, York County Shelter Programs, and Vet 2 Vet. 


David Whitten and Cynthia Furber are the two that are credited with this popular event. They spend their days coordinating with United Way and other organizations, along with the school. And things have been especially stressful this year, with last-minute details and changes. The HAFSBM team is always on their toes, and always ready to jump into action to help. 


I am particularly proud of this year’s HAFSBM’s for remaining committed to reimagining the event despite the challenges created by the pandemic, for the sake of continuing the tradition of the Teddy Bear Toss with a sharp focus on giving back to the community, even during these strange times” says David Whitten


Every ticket that is purchased is a help. Every bear that is donated is a help. Every student can help. We will be continuing to place teddy bears on seats up until February 13th at 5 pm. Toon into the live stream event on February 13th, at 7 pm. @www.uneathletics.edu