Workin’ Moms Review

Are you looking for a binge worthy show to kill your freetime? Look no further! With six seasons available on Netflix and the season finale soon arriving within the next year, this tv show will have you laughing till you cry!

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Workin’ Moms follows the cast of roughly five moms that learn how to raise a child while working and maintaining their friendships at the same time. Don’t let the synopsis fool you, there is more to this tv series than just boring old mom rules. The main character, Kate Foster, who is also the creator of the show, learns how to juggle her work life, being a new mom, and dealing with extra problems life throws her way.

However, she isn’t alone. She also has her two best friends by her side through the experience. There’s Anne, a fiery psychiatrist with two children of her own. She never backs down from a fight and takes the definition “mama bear” to a whole new level. Then we have Frankie, the realtor with a different perspective on life than the other moms. It takes Frankie awhile to find her footing in the new mom world, but when she does she immediately becomes a powerhouse.

Last but certainly not least there is Val, the instructor of the mommy and me group. I guarantee you that every episode Val is in will be the best episodes by far. Her whacky sense of humor, whether she’s aware or not, adds a whole new dimension to the show. She steals every episode she is featured in and definitely captures the audience.

Yes, the show has a great sense of humor, but it also discusses real life problems that an everyday person faces whether they have children or not. I unfortunately can’t go into too many details as it would be a spoiler so you will just have to take my word for it on this one.

Here’s the thing, you will have to give this show a chance. The first season tends to be a little slow and the storyline can be a little confusing but the payoff is worth it. Once the creator, directors, and producers find their footing and their target audience the show just snowballs. There is an undeniable difference between the first season and the other five so you have to power through the first season to get to “the good stuff.” Not only is the first season a little slow, there are also a couple of characters that will definitely grind your gears. They show narcissistic patterns, but they definitely add drama and tension to episodes.

This show is refreshing, funny, and overall entertaining. You can watch a whole season in a day and you’ll question your life intentions after the binge. So grab a bag of popcorn and stay tuned for next week’s review! In the meantime get comfy on the couch and enjoy the never ending twists and turns that Workin’ Moms has to offer.