What to Watch This Thanksgiving!

Are you wondering what to watch this week after stuffing your face with turkey, potatoes, and stuffing? Well don’t worry, I might have some suggestions for you!

First up, gather round the family or cuddle up with a blanket by yourself and put A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on your television. This special follows Charlie Brown after he agrees to eat at his grandmother’s house but somehow invites his friends over for Thanksgiving at the same time. Charlie Brown is no cook, so their Thanksgiving meal consisted of toast, popcorn, pretzel sticks, and jellybeans. My what a meal! Apparently this effort is not enough for his friends and complaining breaks out among the table.

After apologies are given, Charlie solves his dilemma by calling his grandmother and inviting his friends to go along with him to her house.

This wholesome cartoon special is full of little laughs and jabs. It’s perfect for a light hearted, post-Thanksgiving meal, movie. The short special will have you smile but the surprise at the ending will have you laugh. Snoopy is a special character at the end!

Now if you’re the type of person who immediately starts getting ready for Christmas right after Thanksgiving meal is over, don’t fret. I have another light hearted cartoon special just for you!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The 1966 original cartoon version is the film for you. It can play in the background as you begin preparing for the Christmas decorations. This 26 minute film is just long enough to get you in the holiday spirit. It follows the original Dr. Suess story where the Grinch hates Christmas. It manages to hit all the songs that are hits for Christmas time. The Grinch begins his story in his home in Whoville and eventually the story unravels. He makes his plan to steal Christmas as Santa Clause with Max at his side the whole time. Cute and quick, so don’t worry you will have time to take a nap after all the food you eat!

Tune in next week where we start looking at Christmas pop culture movies, events, and books to rev up your holiday spirit!